IT Process Automation / Run Book Automation


  • Easily design your workflow with if and else conditions.
  • Schedule your process workflows.
  • Intelligent workflow dashboard showing task completion time and status.
  • Ready Automation Packs and scripts for automating most common and repetetive works.
  • Ready Integration packs for different tools like ServiceNow, Remedy, Exchange, ActiveDirectory


  • Automate mundane and boring IT tasks.
  • Improve service consistency by reducing human error.
  • Schedule the IT tasks to perform automatically.
  • Reduce effort.
  • Increase efficieny and turnaround time through reduced manual labor.
  • Always meet your SLAs
  • Notify the service desk or owner of the service in time (if something breaks, integrate with monitoring tools) thus reducing service downtime and service restoration time.
  • Reduce service delivery time through self-service and automation.
  • Demonstrate compliance with enforcement and automated records.
  • Reduce your day to day operations cost.
  • Please do some more intelligent work.