Automated IT Operations

Problems in today’s IT Operations ?

  • Dynamic IT environments (On premise, virtualization, private, public, hybrid Cloud)
  • Heterogeneous and complex IT environment – Legacy systems and SaaS exists together
  • Growing application complexity
  • Disparate tools, teams and processes thus lack of collaboration
  • Reactive approach to IT problems and outages
  • No single source of truth
  • Human error

How iTops (Integrated IT Operations Management Platform) can help ?

  • Noise reduction using events filtering, de-duplication, correlation, and aggregation
  • IT Service Availability assurance and efficient Root Cause Analysis
  • Understand business impact of technology failures
  • BSM view of IT services
  • Auto incident resolution by triggering orchestration workflows for automated incident resolution, automatic incident updates, and closure
  • Provides right set of information to person for manual remediation by collaborating though the knowledge management systems
  • Packaged and supported integrations for popular monitoring solutions
  • Contextualization of IT events and alerts
  • Holistic visibility into the performance of IT applications and infrastructure
  • Acts as Decision Support System to take informed IT decisions
  • Real time insights into the behavior of your IT environment